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Industry News >> Introduction on Vivi's pipe and drape system
Pipe and drape are some of the most widely used equipments for almost all events, like wedding, school, theatre, auditorium, hotel, etc. As a leading pipe and drape manufacture in the industry, Vivi is endeavored to offer the finest products and solutions for all customers who are in need of wholesale pipe and drape or drape kits. Here is a simple introduction on Vivi's pipe and drape system.
Vivi’s pipe and drape system is composed of two main parts, the hardware and the drapes or curtains. Each of them can also be subcategorized into various kinds.
The hardware of pipe and drape system has a steel base, aluminum upright, aluminum cross bars and other accessories. The base is usually coated with Zinc that can help prevent oxidation. The uprights can be in the form of standard uprights, two-piece or three-piece. The former is the most classic series. And the later two should be connected with a replaceable bowl. These uprights with bowl can be adjusted according to the needs for actual height. As for the cross bars, they can also be categorized into standard series and telescopic series. Of course, clients can also ask for custom products if necessary.
The drapes and curtains of pipe and drape system are manufactured with special fabrics that are usually flame resistant to ensure safety. Of course, all of these materials can be dyed in various colors determined by the occasions.
For more information about Vivi’s pipe and drape system, please contact us!