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Name: Emma Wong
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How long will it take to install a white starlit dance floor?
We estimate on average the white LED starlit or starlight dance floors take 30 minutes to install but each event is a little different so can take a little longer but our aim is to have it laid and polished within the hour.  

What type of events are most suited to have a white led starlit dance floors?

There are not many events that wouldn’t benefit from having one of our stunning white dance floors. Here are a list of event types that we personally have provided dance floors for:

Weddings & Civil Partnerships
Corporate Events
School & University Proms & Leavers Events
Themed Parties
Product Launches
18ths, 21st, 30th, 40th, & 50th Birthday Celebrations
Marquee events
Christmas & New Year Events

What are the main components of your pipe and drapes?

Like most competitors’ products in the market, our pipe and drapes are composed of bases, uprights, cross bars/crossbeams, fabric drapes and accessories. For more information, please see our pipe and drape.

What should I do if one of my pipe and drape parts is broken?

Don’t worry. Tourgo has already considered all possible cases you may encounter while using. We have designed removable parts. That’s to say you can change another one if one of them are broken. Our pin, bowl (lock), crew, pipe and so on all can be replaced with another standard part.

What are the best materials for fabric?

All materials we supply are the best products in the market. And the only difference is occasion- fabric depends on where and how you would use these products.

We offer almost all fabric drapes in the market:

. Banjo (our bestselling products),
. polypremier,
. hemp,
. Pleuche,
. Velvet, etc.
All these fabrics are available in various colors. No matter what kind of drapes are you looking for, just contact us and we will never let you down.

How to keep fabric drapes?

It’s true that keeping fabric drapes is a little bit troublesome for most users. We suggest you can wash them with machine, but make sure gentle detergent with cold water. This will prolong the use of these materials.
What is FR and IFR?
FR (Flame Retardant) refers to fabric that has been topically treated with a flame retardant solution. FR-treated fabric needs to be re-treated over time or during cleanings to remain flame retardant.

IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) refers to fabric that is woven with flame resistant yarn or treated during the finishing process, thereby guaranteeing its safety for the life of the drape.

Both FR and IFR meet the industry standards set forth by the NFPA 701 Small Scale. Certificates are available upon request for all our rental drape.

What type events or venues can be benefit from a pipe and drape solution? 

Pipe and drape can help make your event, big or small, even more successful. Here are a few events/venues were we’ve implemented a pipe and drape solution:

Bar Mitzvahs
Corporate Events
Political Debates
Music Recitals
Video Presentations
Holiday Parties
Live Business Meetings
Press Conferences and Events
Sweet 16 Parties
Conferences Screenings
Award Trade Shows
Seminars Presentations
Film and Broadcast, including Film Screenings
Educational Events & Events
Wedding Receptions and Location Shoots
Music Recitals
Product Launches
Fund Raisers
Many more!